Emerge Laboratories

Corporate Profile

Emerge is a physician owned, privately held cancer diagnostic laboratory. Emerge’s Chief of Hematopathology is Dr. Zach Liu. Dr. Liu has 15 years of experience diagnosing hematological malignancies with numerous publications in this area. Along with Dr. Liu's leadership is the most comprehensive and experienced medical staff of more than 30 board certified physicians with vast experience in all aspects of cancer diagnostics. We understand that a multi-disciplinary approach is the key to evaluate specific types of cancer and support personalized medicine. Using both traditional and cutting edge technologies, we provide comprehensive diagnosis for hematopatholgy cases. You may chose a list of diagnostic profiles or simply provide relevant history and clinical impression and the Emerge medical staff will then select the most appropriate combination of tests including morphologic review, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, FISH, PCR and genetic profiling such as SNP array for accurate diagnosis, pertinent prognostic and treatment-defining information. When all testing is complete, we offer a comprehensive summary report to integrate all tests performed to better understand the disease status.

In addition to our comprehensive panels for cancer immunophenotyping, our oncology services bring tests to the personalized medicine level for breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer by using cutting edge technologies. These panels include immunohistochemistry, FISH, PCR and genetic profiling of each cancer, and are designed to provide the most valuable information for cancer prognosis and treatment. Clients across the Eastern US have evaluated our services and are impressed with our integrated approach to diagnostics. Our pledge is to be a complete partner to you and the community you serve. Aside from cutting edge integrated cancer diagnostics, we strive to assist clients in areas that help strengthen their business such as revenue enhancement, community outreach and continuing education.